Welcome to this demonstration!

Every project has certain requirements that must be met and through this demonstration I will attempt to showcase my deft skill and knowledge in using a variety of web frameworks, methodologies and business logic to achieve my desired outcome (to impress you and get this job).
But first, a little about me…
I have been very fortunate to have had opportunities cross my path that have allowed me to learn, grow and develop a skill set that I feel can be beneficial to Solutions 360. Not just as a rock-star PHP developer (I do have a very humble side) but also as a collaborator and team player.
Goal setting and a strong belief in personal improvement (educational, physical and even spiritual) has given me a broad foundation in business (as a Stockbroker), entrepreneurship (as a business owner) and as a freelance programmer/analyst/designer.
Now let me show you a little about what I can do…

George Ibbott presentation for Solutions 360

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